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Talisman of the Month Club

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  • Because we need words to remind of us what we know.
  • Because holding something in our hand connects us to our own hearts and the hearts of others.
  • Because, sweet soul, self-care is a deep breath, an act of resilience, and even an act of courage that you can make time for.

The Talisman of the Month Club is a monthly subscription that includes a box of inspiration and support delivered to your door. Each month presents a new theme that provides you with lessons, practices, and creative prompts on the month’s theme plus a community of people practicing along with you.

Want to sign up for October?

Enrollment for the October box has begun. Sign up right here

The intention behind this monthly box is to give you tangible self-care practices
and to help you feel deeply seen and cared for.

One Move TOTM Box
listen TOTM Box

Your monthly subscription includes:

A box filled with the following goodies:

  • A handmade pewter pocket talisman hand stamped with a phrase to support you, infused with love and blessings, and packaged in a cloth bag so you can easily carry it with you.
  • An additional item that complements that month’s theme that you can use as part of the monthly practice (for example, a gemstone, framable quote, small piece of art, etc).  
  • A 2.5”x2.5” print with that month’s theme that becomes a reminder to place on your desk or altar (all multiple months create an inspiration deck for you)
  • A juicy note from my heart to yours focusing on the monthly practice with creative ideas to get you started.
  • A surprise additional gift or two to support your self-care journey.
  • Gorgeous, thoughtful packaging that invites you to slow down and create a mindful moment as you open it each month.

3-4 email newsletters each month full of inspiration and prompts, for example:

  • Self-care practice ideas
  • Mindfulness practices to try 
  • Meditations
  • Stories
  • Journaling prompts
  • Encouragement to keep practicing, and reminders that you are enough as you keep showing up each day

Community, connection, and support via a private Facebook group where we talk about ways to work with the month’s practice, share supportive stories, and so on.

The opportunity to add on 1-on-1 sessions with me to dive deeper into your practice (at an additional cost - more info below).

Discounts for the Soul Mantras shop and some of my other offerings.

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Each month’s theme plus the talisman shape and size, additional item, and the other goodies will be a surprise. This means your box will include all the goodies listed above but you will not know the exact details. Instead, you’ll be stepping into the magic of connection and intuition with me. The photos on this page give you an idea of what you'll receive.

Here’s what I mean: As each new month approaches, I’ll be listening for the phrase, word, or quote that we most need. While I may show peeks on social media, the full contents of the box won’t be revealed until we start shipping them out to the beautiful souls in this circle. 

There are several subscription options to choose from:

Enrollment for the next round of subscriptions has begun

These prices reflect a new lower price so more people can enjoy the Talisman of the Month Club.

1-Month box: $35 (paid at once)
After several requests by sweet souls wanting to give one month boxes as gifts, I've added this option again. You will receive just one box and your subscription DOES NOT automatically renew.

3-Month subscription: $32 a month (all 3 months paid at once)  
This will be the last month the 3-month subscription is offered. Your subscription will begin with the October box and you will also receive November and December. Your subscription DOES NOT automatically renew. 

6-Month subscription: Sold Out!

12-Month subscription: Sold Out! Available in November for the 2018 subscription!

Month-to-month subscriptions will return with the 2018 Talisman of the Month Club!

Coupon codes: Please note that Soul Mantras coupon codes and site-wide sales do not apply to TOTM unless coupon specifies it is for TOTM.

SINGLE BOXES from previous months: Through the month of October, boxes from the first six month's of this years Talisman of the Month Club are available individually right here. There are a limited supply of each.


The prices above include shipping as follows: 

US shipping:

1 and 3-month subscriptions: You pay shipping for just the first month, and it's included for the rest of the months. 

International subscriptions: 

Shipping Prices: 

1 month subscriptions: The regular shipping charge is added on the check-out page.

3-month subscriptions: Shipping for the first month is added at checkout. Canadian customers have a $12 additional total cost and other international orders have an additional $20 total cost to cover shipping for months 2 and 3.

If this is confusing at all, just send over a note, and we'll help you. 




Orders placed by the 25th of September receive the September box. Orders placed before the 15th, ship out between the 12th and 15th. When you order between the 15th and 25th, it can take 2-4 business days to ship out your order. Orders placed after the 25th will receive the following month’s box.

12-month subscriptions are closed at this time! They will open up again in November for the 2018 subscription.

Coupon codes: Please note that Soul Mantras coupon codes and site-wide sales do not apply to TOTM unless coupon specifies it is for TOTM. Feel free to get in touch with any questions.

Cancellation Policy:
You can cancel your monthly subscription via PayPal at any time (more information about this will come with your welcome email). Because we do not auto-renew your 3 and 6-month subscriptions, your subscription cancels at the end of your prepaid term, you cannot cancel mid-subscription. (Meaning if you purchase a 6-month subscription, it expires at the end of that 6 months.) We send you a one-time email letting you know your subscription has ended. While I fully believe you will love being part of the Talisman of the Month Club, if you are unhappy with your monthly subscription experience, please get in touch.

Additional information

A little more about the box contents:
All the Soul Mantra talismans are pewter and made by hand. I work with two different maker families who create these talismans in their studios. Bonnie and I hand stamp and age and polish them in my studio. The talismans in this offering will also be specially blessed by me in a ceremony. With this offering, you're supporting several maker families here in the U.S. Thank you!

The images above show a few sample box ideas, but do not reflect the exact box you will receive. These photos are to give you an idea of what your box will include. And if you receive the free heart bowl with a 12-month subscription, you might receive one with a pattern or one that is plain in color - this depends on my fair trade supplier's availability. 

More about the newsletter and FB group:
The monthly newsletter will have mindfulness and actionable ideas that we will then circle and discuss in the Facebook group. For example:

  • There might be journaling prompts or ways to use your phrase as you’re out in the world. 
  • I might share ideas on how to use your phrase in meditation.
  • There might be creative prompts or other ideas to help you put this phrase into action in your life.
  • There might be other self-care ideas that are inspired by this practice. 

More information about the Facebook group (called the Soul Mantra Circle) will arrive with your first newsletter. If you've been part of my groups before, the experience will be similar. I can't wait to connect with you there.

One-on-One Connection:
When you join the TOTM Club, you'll have the option of signing up for a 30-minute session with me that dives deeper into the month's theme. There will be a limited number available each month, and they are $50. More information will be shared when you subscribe.

A note to my International Customers:
I love that I can make something by hand in my studio in Tacoma, Washington and then send it across the world to you. It is kind of a miracle. But I don’t love how high the shipping costs have become, and I wish I could change that for both of us. Note that your additional cost for this offering reflects part of the additional cost to send to you. I'm actually extending a shipping discount to you when you order multiple months to help with the cost. If you order additional items when you start your subscription, we will wait to send them until we ship your box (to avoid needing to charge even more for shipping). Thank you for your kind understanding.