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Talismans and Tools for Your Journey

Welcome to Soul Mantras! From necklaces stamped with mantras to gemstones and books, each offering is an invitation to slow down and be present to the truth and love just waiting for you in your corner of the world.

Because we need words to remind of us what we know. Because holding something in our hand connects us to our own hearts and the hearts of others. Because, sweet soul, self-care is a deep breath, an act of resilience, and even an act of courage that you can make time for. This is a peek at pieces of a box from earlier this year. Sign ups for the October box have begun! Join the club right here.

Dear Beautiful Soul,

Thank you for finding your way here to my shop. My name is Liz Lamoreux and I'm the artist and designer behind Soul Mantras. 

I believe that we need traveling companions, from books to necklaces to talismans we slip in our pockets, to remind us to be present to the beauty and truth that surround us, so I created the Soul Mantra jewelry collection in 2008 and filled it with pieces to carry with you on your journey. The collection has expanded over the years to include other good things that I hope will be reminders of your intentions, dreams, and prayers as they keep you solid on your path.

Big love,


liz lamoreux