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Soul Mantra Journal

July Talisman of the Month Club: Enough

liz lamoreux

The Talisman of the Month Club is my monthly self-care meets mindfulness offering to support you as you pause and listen to the wisdom, bravery, and truth within and around you.

The July box is shipping, and it is my favorite one yet! 

July Talisman of the Month Club box

July's Talisman of the Month Club theme is ENOUGH

  • It's about looking at what "enough" really means.
  • It's about when it's time to say "enough is enough."
  • It's about when it's time to remember that enough is (always) enough.
  • It's about speaking the truth about the cycle of not-enough and inviting in practices to help us break that cycle.
  • It's about trusting that you are enough just the way you are.

This month's special additional item is a gorgeous print (that's also a magnet) by artist Lori Portka. Having Lori's energy in this month's box makes me so happy! I hope it gives you not only a beautiful piece of art for your home, but also invites you to add worthiness into the conversation about enoughness.

This month, I've added in the "one month box" option, so you can now just subscribe for one month or easily gift one month. There's also the month-to-month option along with 3- and 6-month subscriptions. Head over to the main TOTM page to read all the juicy details about these subscription options along with what you get as a subscriber and what's inside your box each month.

The Five Deep Breaths Practice

liz lamoreux

The Five Deep Breaths practice is one that saves me daily. It's simple. It doesn't take much time. It connects self-care and meditation in an accessible way. And I can do it anywhere - from standing in my backyard to sitting at my desk to waiting in the line at the supermarket to taking a breather in the bathroom in the middle of a family reunion. 

five breaths meditation in taos
five deep breaths meditation
five deep breaths meditation

I love it so much that I created the Five Deep Breaths Collection to honor this practice and give us wearable reminders to help us pause and take those breaths. I love that the collection has become a customer favorite, too. It feels so powerful to think about all of us using this practice again and again to create moments of mindfulness in this crazy, beautiful world.

Here's a bit more about the practice to help you start using it daily over in your corner of the world.

Why five deep breaths? Pausing to breathe deeply for a few moments becomes a way to remind my body that it does know peace and stillness. Those first three deep breaths create enough space for my body to relax. With the fourth, my mind realizes it can rest for a moment. And by the fifth, I am recentered and back into my body and heart. Sometimes, by that fifth breath, I can find just enough peace to trust what I know inside my heart in that moment.  

Noticing. Breathing. Letting go of what pulls on me.

Sometimes I use it as a grounding practice throughout the day. Other days, it is more like first aid when I'm going through a difficult time or just having an upside down, challenging day (or moment). 

How to use this practice: 

Close your eyes. Bring your hand to your heart. 

With the first breath, relax your shoulders.

With the second, notice how your breath moves in your body.

With the third, try to let go of anything pulling on you.

With the fourth, feel the space you create inside you.

With the fifth breath, let your mind rest in this space. 

Notice how you feel. In your body. In your mind. In your heart.


Other ideas:

  • You don't have to close your eyes, especially when you're in situation where you don't want to or shouldn't. You can use this practice while driving, while at the dinner table, while walking your dog. Change it up as you need to for you.
  • This could be a great way to ground yourself before you work, write, create, get out of bed. Spend a few moments reflecting on where you could insert it into your day to support you.
  • Give yourself reminders to pause and take these five deep breaths throughout your day. You could set a timer on your phone or put up a few sticky notes. Think about what kind of reminders you need to begin to integrate this practice into your daily life.

Check out the Five Deep Breaths Collection filled with jewelry, a pocket talisman, and even stickers to remind you of this practice.

Everyday Ways to Use Our Pocket Talismans

liz lamoreux

One of the missions I have over at Soul Mantras is to provide companions and practices that walk with you each day. The Soul Mantra Pocket Talismans are one of my favorite offerings that combine the beauty of holding something in your hand with a tangible practice.

How to use the Pocket Talismans

Pocket talismans are hand stamped with words and phrases that become reminders for you to carry with you on your journey. A few ways to use a talisman:

You can hold it in your hand and rub your fingers along the words almost like a worry stone.

You can use your talisman while meditating by holding it in your hand and focusing on it. You can look at the phrase as you breathe. You can also use the words on the talisman as a mantra and say the phrase to yourself quietly as you breathe.

You can place a talisman on your altar, next to your bed, in your cubicle at work, or even in a plant or other unexpected place in your home. Whenever you see it, you can let the words wash over you.

You can also keep them in bowl on your dresser and choose one to carry with you for the day.

You can put one in your pocket like a stone, and each time you feel it, take a deep breath and remember you are not alone. 

We have several favorite mantras in the shop, including talisman sets that make it easy to start your collection. We also customize them with the words and mantras you most need (these large and regular round talismans and the popular heart talisman are available).

If you have favorite ways to use your talismans, we’d love to see your photos on Instagram with #mysoulmantra.

The Talisman of the Month Club is an awesome way to dive even deeper into these practices.

Each month, I send you a box with a talisman and other goodies all centered on a monthly theme that connect self-care and mindfulness.

Learn more and subscribe.

and so i fly

liz lamoreux

Sometimes we feel the push and pull of where we are, where we want to go, our hopes, our dreams, our routine. I call this place The And Space. A space where we hold joy in one hand and grief in the other. A space where we seek the sacred in the every day and acknowledge the beauty and intensity of the routine.

A simple poem that came to me years ago that explains the way I feel sometimes in The And Space is called "And so I fly." It speaks to the choices we get to make each day.


Over the years, I've created several jewelry pieces inspired by this poem, and I've brought back six of my favorites for the summer.

These So I Fly Soul Mantra pieces make wonderful companions when you need to be reminded that you can feel your wings. They are also lovely gifts for those in a transition or embarking on new adventures and for students heading off to high school and college. Find them all here in the shop for a limited time this summer.

Rainbow Fluorite: For intuition and connection to spirit

liz lamoreux

Rainbow fluorite is one of my favorite stones. To put it simply: It is gorgeous. You can find it in deep purples, brilliant blues, bright greens, and yellowish clear in color and all the shades in between. 

Fluorite is said to provide protection and clarity and connect you to your intuition. It also connects you to spirit. The mantra I like to use with fluorite is: May I listen to the wisdom within and always remember I am whole.

Whenever you purchase a rainbow fluorite Soul Mantra, a little card with the meaning and mantra is always included.

Fluorite is also said to help release stress and negativity while promoting focus and structure.

How I use it:

  • I like to carry a fluorite worry stone in my pocket and rub it between my fingers when I need to feel connected to what I know. 
  • I keep it on my altar and sometimes practice a fluorite meditation.
  • I wear it (this design is my current favorite).
  • I keep it near me in the studio while I write so that I am reminded to listen to my own truth and wisdom within.

If you're drawn to rainbow fluorite, you can find some options here in the shop. From gemstones to put on your altar (like these rainbow fluorite octahedrons, these fluorite worry stones, and these pillars) to several necklace designs, like the Intuition Necklaces in purple and green and the five deep breaths intuition necklace, this is a stone that can support you each day as you create space for listening to the wisdom within you and connecting to spirit around you.

rainbow fluorite beads

If you'd like me to create a gemstone bundle for you with fluorite and its meaning as the main intention with other stones that will support you, you can order a special custom gemstone bundle and then in the notes, just let me know that you're drawn to fluorite and anything else you think I should know.

Rose Quartz: A Stone of the Heart

liz lamoreux

Rose quartz is one of my favorite stones. It's my go-to when my heart needs support, when I need to connect with a love that is greater than me.

Rose quartz is actually often called the stone of the heart. It is usually very pale pink in color but can be a brighter pink and sometimes appear cloudy and white. It's a stone to help you connect to deep compassion for others and yourself. Connecting to that compassion is so important as you're navigating how to respond to challenges in your daily life and in the world. 

Rose quartz is said to invite love into your life, so if you're needing more love, in all it's many forms, this just might be the perfect stone for you.

But it isn't just about romantic love. It is also the stone I recommend when someone needs a big dose of self-compassion and self-love.

I sometimes sleep with it under my pillow and often wear it around my neck over the heart chakra. Throughout the day, I can reach up and hold it in my hand and take a few moments to breathe and invite in love and compassion to support me.

I also keep this stone on my studio altar because I really believe the more love surrounding me while I create, the better. It is another good one to carry in your pocket and rub like a worry stone

Rose quartz continues to be a stone I love offering here in the shop. From gemstones to put on your altar (these large and small hearts, pillars, and these gorgeous double points are available) to several necklace designs (love love love intention necklace, inhale love. exhale peace. necklace, and the compassion and love necklace), this is a stone that can support you each day as you create space for love, compassion, and connection to your heart.

As you work with rose quartz, spend time holding the stone in your hand and connecting with the feeling of love and compassion. Imagine infusing your stone with that intention. To really deeply connect with your stone and the intention you most need from it, practice holding it, breathing, and letting this intention settle within and around you.

If you'd like me to create a gemstone bundle for you with rose quartz and its meaning as the main intention with other stones that will support that intention, you can order a special custom gemstone bundle and then in the notes, just let me know that you're drawn to rose quartz and anything else you think I should know.

Here's to more love and compassion in your life, dear one.

Yes. Yes. Yes.



5 Mother's Day Gift Ideas

liz lamoreux

Here are a few of our favorite gift ideas for moms and those who are like a mom to you:

Initial Necklaces

Sweet initial necklaces, so she can hold everyone close to her heart. Find these initial necklaces and other customizable necklaces in the Custom Mantra section or click on the photos above.

Tell her in words

Make Mom something really personal in the Custom Mantra section. These are a few of our favorites: the silver heart locket, rooted in love square necklace, little circles necklace (perfect for names!) and the daily reminder key chain

All the hearts

Hearts become a symbol of the love you share between you and remind your mom that you're always connected. You can find all the hearts in the For Your Altar and Home section of the shop and the customizable pewter heart talisman (center photo) right here.

Help her create stillness

The Inhale Love. Exhale Peace. Necklace and the Deep Inhale :: Kyanite Necklace give her permission to pause and just breathe when she needs to. The Intentions Collection is full of necklaces and earrings to bring more intention to daily life.

The Five Deep Breaths Collection invites her to stop and take five deep breaths with intention.

A secret message (that's maybe not so secret)

Because even Mom needs a cheerleader sometimes. The secret message bracelet is stamped so that the message lays against the skin where no one else can see. Customize this bracelet with your own heartfelt message for Mom.


U.S. customers: Mother's Day is Sunday, May 14. The last day to choose first-class shipping is Thursday, May 4th. Please choose Priority Mail after that date. The last day to place an order for arrival the Saturday before Mother's day is Monday, May 8th.

Sending your gift right to the recipient? We love helping you make your gifting simple. All Soul Mantras come ready to give as a gift. If you're sending right to the recipient, just let us know what short gift message you'd like to include. There's a spot to tell us when you check out. 

My Soul Mantra of the Year Package

liz lamoreux

I'm so excited to share the new My Soul Mantra of the Year package with you. I've gathered up some of my favorite items and practices into this bundle (you save 15% when you buy everything together).

The “My Soul Mantra” package is your invitation to choose a Soul Mantra for yourself that will be an intention that can anchor you as you build the bridge each day between daily life and the longings inside you. You might have a word of the year or intention you're going to focus on, a quote that has deep meaning for you, or maybe a phrase that has been a beautiful focus for you.

The package is a curated box of goodies to help you keep your word, intention, or even quote close to you. It's about trusting your intuition, listening to what you need, and giving yourself permission to practice your intention as you hold the beauty and the grit each day. 

The My Soul Mantra package includes:

  • A pewter pocket talisman hand stamped with your word or phrase. 
  • A beautiful Permission Slip to remind you that you can set down perfection and just be you as you choose how you live your mantra into reality each day. I’m so happy to be collaborating with artist Lori Portka on this special print! I wrote the words and she worked her magic! There are blanks for you to finish it with your own name and practice. 
  • Trust Yourself, an incredible oil from one of my favorite makers: Anna Wingfield of Napa Valley au Naturel. This offering invites you to begin a daily ritual of writing your practice on your body with the oil to imprint it on your skin. 
  • The “Each Day I Choose” print designed by my magical assistant Bonnie Albers. This is one of my favorite mantras that I say to myself daily. My hope is that this print will be a source of support and reminder of love for you as you think about all the other souls making these choices each day too. 
  • A hand-carved soapstone heart from Kenya from an inspiring fair-trade source right here in the Pacific Northwest. I’ve been giving hearts like these to my retreat participants for years to remind us of the love and openness that connects us, and I’m so happy to be able to offer them.  

You can also add three optional upgrades to your My Soul Mantra Package:

  • Upgrade 1The My Soul Mantra Necklace, customized with your practice + two gemstones to support your intention. 
  • Upgrade 2: The Intention Gemstone Bundle, customized for you by me. You will share some words about your practice and the support you most need. I will hold your words close as I sit in meditation and then I will choose 3-6 stones that will support you. I will bless the stones and clean them with sage. I will also handwrite you a love note just for you that explains the stones and add in a couple other surprises.
  • Upgrade 3: The My Soul Mantra Necklace + the Intention Gemstone Bundle.

My hope is that this package helps you deeply connect with practices and reminders that will support you as you live your intention each day.

Big big love,


Photos by Lauren Oliver Photography

12 Gift Ideas for the Wise Women in Your Life

liz lamoreux

You still have plenty of time to get a thoughtful and love-filled gift for your mom, best friend, sister, and the other nurturing souls in your life.

I'm one who believes that the intention behind the gift is part of the gift itself, so with that in mind, here are some gift ideas for you - some from Soul Mantras, some that would be perfect last-minute gifts, and some DIY ideas.

1. secret message locket

A little locket to hold a short secret message to hold close, these can be customized with a word or two. I like to think of these lockets like a whispered wish, prayer, or blessing that only the wearer knows about. You can also put a photo or secret note inside.

2. Five Deep Breaths Peace Bracelet

This amethyst bracelet is inspired by the five deep breaths practice, which invites you to pause and time five deep breaths with intention. It comes with a little card explaining the practice. Amethyst is a stone of peace and comfort.

3. Your Time

Your time is a beautiful thing to give a loved one, perhaps the best gift of all. Ideas: Tickets to a movie or show, a weekend trip together, a gift card for a restaurant or shop that you two like to go to, or even a note that explains you want to spend more time together and share a list of ideas and let them know you’ll be bugging them to connect more.

4. Hearts

Over the years, hearts have become a customer favorite. They are such a sweet gift that reminds the recipient that they are loved. All our hearts come with a little note sharing some ideas about how to use them. We have several kinds; the ones pictured are fluorite.

5. Photos 

We take more photos that ever before, but they live on our devices. A photo book or even a simple stack of favorite photos and an easel they can be displayed on is an awesome and simple idea. I love using the Instax Share and Canon Selphy to quickly print from my phone.

6. I Choose Necklace

A necklace to remind us that each day we choose what we want to invite into our lives and what we want to put into the world. It includes: rose quartz to invite in self-compassion and love, citrine to invite in joy and abundance, and iolite to invite in the muses, help attain visions, and support in difficult times.

7. In This Moment Field Journal and Photo Album

This journal leads you through the mindful exercise of taking a photo each day and noticing the beauty in your everyday world. You write a few lines about each photo as you paste it into your journal. This is also a beautiful exercise to do together.

8. Something Handmade

People love receiving gifts you make by hand. And you don’t have to spend hours to create something thoughtful and beautiful. So many fun DIYs are available online. This wooden bead necklace is my daughter’s and my current go-to gift to make. So much fun! I have an easy tutorial over on my personal site. I’ve also saved several DIYs to my “things I’d like to make” Pinterest board.

9. You Are... Pocket Talisman Set

The pocket talismans are little reminders that the gift recipient can slip in their pocket, put on their desk or other spot where they will see them often, or even use as part of a meditation practice. You choose the three phrases you want. Some favorites: you are enough, you are brave, you are amazing, you are loved. They come with a card that explains how to use them.

10. A Book (or two)

On the surface, a book can seem like it is the default gift when you don't know what else to give. But I deeply disagree. Books become treasured companions we carry with us that can literally change our lives. When you spend time looking for just the right book and include a note explaining why you're giving it, it becomes a deeply thoughtful gift. 

11. Personalized Jewelry

This time of year, we create quite a few necklaces and keychains with kids and grandkids names. We have lots of customizable options for giving. You can choose one of our favorite phrases or customize with your own words or phrases. 

johnny cash

12. Music

Gather up tunes that make up the soundtrack of your childhood or the fun you've had together over the years and help them take a trip down memory lane with a "mixed tape." A record player with some favorite vinyl records is also a fun gift (my husband got me one for our anniversary and I’m basically recreating my parents’ record collection - including holiday albums).

What are your other go-to thoughtful gifts this time of year. Share in the comments so we can all learn from one another.

Big love,