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fluorite feather

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fluorite feather

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The "So I Fly" series is inspired by one of my most popular Soul Mantra phrases. The poem I wrote that inspired the phrase:

When life pushes me beyond what I know
When the joy fills me up
When the fear tries to settle in
When I am holding on to hope with each breath
When all this and more leads me to feel unsure of the next step,
sometimes I step outside, feel the warm sun upon my shoulders, look up at the blue sky, and decide it is time: 
So I fly.

As you wear your necklace, I invite you to see it as a reminder that you can feel your wings, breathe deeply, and make the choice to fly when it serves you.
(This poem is included on a little card with your order.)

This feather pendant includes a fluorite gemstone to support you in listening to your intuition. This necklace includes a raw brass feather that has been aged by hand and hangs on an antique 28" brass chain.

The feather is a little over 2 inches long. (If you would like a shorter chain, please let me know in the Additional Information box when you check out. You can choose either 18 or 22 inches.) 

International customers: Before you place your order, be sure to read my shipping policies, especially if this is the first time you've ordered from a small business in the US.

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