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Intentions Collection

Intuition. Encouragement. Trust and letting go.

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sept blue lace_1_a.jpg
sept blue lace_1_c.jpg

Intuition. Encouragement. Trust and letting go.


A note from Liz: The Heart Song Collection is a series of special necklaces that I’m creating in the in-between moments. They are one of a kind, made by me, and I’m weaving stories, prayers, and blessings into each one as I create them. 

The September Collection was created sitting in my studio just after my daughter went back to school. Sometimes Joni Mitchell joined me; in other moments, the neighborhood sounds and my own breathing were all I could hear. Each necklace has been blessed and infused with intention. My hope is that you will find the companion you need to support you as you walk on your path.


Fluorite. Blue lace agate. Aquamarine. :: Intuition. Encouragement. Trust and letting go.

This necklace is your invitation to listen to and trust your wisdom. It includes fluorite to connect you to your intuition, blue lace agate for encouragement, and aquamarine to invite in trust and letting go.

Your necklace will come with a handwritten card that shares the meaning behind this necklace and a blessing for you.

All three gemstones are wire wrapped and hang from a brass plated circle (the brass is plated over pewter). This necklace is 20 inches around, the pendant hangs just over 2 inches, and all components are nickel-free. 

This item usually ships within 3-5 business days of order placement unless ordered with another item with a longer turnaround time.

International customers: Before you place your order, be sure to read my shipping policies, especially if this is the first time you've ordered from a small business in the US.

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