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Intentions Collection

show up as you necklace

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show up as you necklace


Over the years, I've learned that when I let myself be seen, when I show up in all my messiness and wholeness, I find the people who truly get me. This has meant letting go of many old stories about who I'm supposed to be or who others want me to be. And when I feel those old stories pull at me, this is the phrase I say again and again to remind myself of what I deeply know to be true.

This necklace is your invitation to gently remind yourself that you can just show up as you. It includes citrine for joy (and the warmth of the sun), chevron amethyst for peace and inner strength, and blue kyanite for speaking your truth.

All three gemstones are wire wrapped and hang from a brass circle attached to an antique brass chain. You can choose a 16, 18, 20, 22, or 28 inch chain.

The photos show several necklaces to give you an idea of the size and colors of the stones. Your necklace will be very similar to the ones shown but the gemstones vary because they are each unique.

  • The citrine crystal will vary a bit in color. Your stone might appear amber yellow and cloudy white or even more clear in color. Some are almost completely white. 
  • The amethyst is chevron amethyst, which means it has layers of quartz and smoky quartz.
  • The kyanite varies from deep blue to a deep greenish blue.

See the photos with multiple necklaces to get an idea of the variations. 

Each time you wear this necklace, I hope you will breathe deeply and let yourself listen to what your heart knows.

This item usually ships within one week of order placement unless ordered with another item with a longer turnaround time.

International customers: Before you place your order, be sure to read my shipping policies, especially if this is the first time you've ordered from a small business in the US.

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