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For Your Altar and Home

small floral hand-carved soapstone heart :: fair trade

little floral hearts_stacy.jpg
small floral hearts_1.jpg
little floral hearts_stacy.jpg
small floral hearts_1.jpg

small floral hand-carved soapstone heart :: fair trade

from 5.00

I’ve been giving hearts like these to my retreat participants for years to remind us of the love and openness that connects us, and I’m so happy to be able to offer them in the shop.

These fair trade soapstone hearts are handmade by artists in Kenya and have a floral design. These hearts are about .75" across and quite thick. They are smaller than the other hearts in the shop (see photos for size). Due to their handmade nature, each will be unique and vary slightly.

When you place your order, you can choose from the current colors available: green, blue, purple, and red. Or you can choose a set of four, one of each color, for a special price.

Hearts are one of my favorite visual reminders to have in my home and on my altar because they keep me deeply connected to love. I also hold these hearts when I meditate or when I just want to focus on sending love to a particular person or group of people in my life. They help me ground and connect to that feeling of love inside me. 

If you'd like to place an order for 10 or more, contact me for special pricing. 

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