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What is the turnaround time for shipping?

Please see the shipping information page for more information about turnaround times and shipping.

International customers: Please click here to read more information about customs and international orders. Thank you.

How many letters can fit on custom items?

The number of letters depends on the size and shape of the Soul Mantra. Each listing explains in detail the number of letters/numbers/spaces that can fit. Please just click on the custom mantras tab in the shop to see all the customizable options currently available.

Do you have numbers, punctuation, or other shapes available?

I currently have upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and the following punctuation: period, comma, apostrophe, dash, parenthesis, hashtag/number sign, plus sign, and equals sign. I am unable to create custom stamps.

Can you send my order as a gift to a friend?

Yes! All jewelry in the shop comes ready to give as a gift in their own little hand stamped cloth bag that is then wrapped in tissue. We also include a postcard with the story of the Soul Mantras and a few other surprises. 

To send to an address other than the billing address, just uncheck the "same as shipping" box when you choose your shipping on the check out page. You can also include a short note in the "Additional Information" box and we'll tuck it inside your order. If you need to send your order to multiple addresses, it is best if you place individual orders or we'll need to contact you for additional shipping charges.

How do I get in Touch with you?

Please contact us via email at Emails are usually answered within 1 business day. 

Why Don't you Take PayPal?

I'm happy to report that WE DO! PayPal is now an option on your shopping cart!

Do sell your jewelry wholesale?

Yes! If you're a brick and mortar shop and are interested in purchasing my jewelry for your shop, please get in touch.

Can you tell me more about brass? Can people be allergic to brass?

Raw brass means that it is only made of brass and it is not coated with another metal. Brass is a metal made from copper and zinc. Some of the chain I use in my shop is plated antique brass. Usually this means that a layer of brass is coated with another layer of brass that has been aged, so it has a patina to it. This can also mean that steel (or another metal like copper) has been coated with a layer of aged brass. Each listing explains the materials used.

Brass allergies are not common. With more than 6,000 items shipped around the world, I've actually not had customers tell me that their skin reacts to my jewelry, but here's some information about why it can happen, especially with pieces like thicker brass bracelets/bangles and rings. When jewelry like copper or brass leaves a discoloration on the skin, it is known as an oxidation reaction. The copper reacts with oxygen in the air, and your sweat and skin oils create a green layer of copper carbonate on your skin. This mark is harmless and can be wiped off with soap and a damp cloth. To avoid it, keep your jewelry clean and dry and remove any oil or sweat which may be on your jewelry. You can use a soft cloth to do this each evening. It is also more likely to happen with jewelry very close to the body, like rings or cuff bracelets, where there is no air circulation while wearing it. 

Caring for my jewelry: Can I wear my jewelry in the shower?

Brass jewelry should be taken care of like any other metal jewelry. This means you should avoid wearing it in the shower or swimming. 

Brass and sterling silver can be gently polished with a soft cloth. Most of my brass items have been aged by hand so they are not shiny in appearance. This patina can fade or darken depending on the acidity of your skin and how often you wear your jewelry. Getting your jewelry wet will affect the patina. Although we use chemicals to darken the letters of your hand-stamped jewelry, if you need to re-darken your letters, you can just use a Sharpie and then wipe off the excess with a cloth and polish with steel wool. You can also use a metal cleaner like Brasso to shine up your brass pieces.

Do you make custom tattoos or custom stickers.

Not at this time.

I found an item on Pinterest or in your Etsy sold items that isn't available in your store, can you still make it?

I can sometimes recreate past designs. Please get in touch and include a direct link or photo of the item you're interested in.