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Soul Mantra Journal

you got this

liz lamoreux

The "you got this" necklace is part of the "Ten Years, Ten Phrases" Collection that includes ten Soul Mantra phrases that have been handholds for me over the last ten years. 

I started saying, "you got this" to myself when my daughter was small. The day would be full of so much shifting from one role to the next and all the while she was beside me bouncing or chattering away in her bouncy seat. I rarely felt like I had a minute to myself. And when I would have a few minutes while she was napping, I would literally stand in front of the mirror in my bathroom, look at myself in the eyes and say, "You got this honey. You can do it."

I suppose in a way this phrase became the one I use when I need a cheerleader. It's also a phrase I love to send in the mail to loved ones and carry around in my pocket.

I guess it's a slightly different take on the idea that everything will be okay. It's another way of saying, "I know life is hard sometimes, but you can trust that wisdom inside you. Yes yes yes."

Over the years, it's become one of the most requested phrases from my customers and one that's often given as a gift.

May this necklace help you remember that whatever crosses your path, you have the wisdom inside you and the love around you to get through. 

You can find this necklace and other items with the phrase "you got this" in the shop right here.