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Soul Mantra Journal

you have this day

liz lamoreux

I've been thinking about how we have this day, right here, right now, and we choose how we will move through this day.

We have this day.

This day that will unfold in ways we cannot anticipate. Our reaction to what happens around us is what we control. What we will say, how we will stay open, how we will let others in.

You have this day.

This day to choose love, to dance, to let yourself grieve, to stand tall and tell your story, to ask for a hug, to give one, to take a deep breath and say "yes," to speak gratitude, to start over, to let it go, to be a witness, to be open to all that is to come.

This day to live, really really live, in your life.

I stamped these words into a talisman a few weeks ago and have been tucking it in my back pocket every day. As I move through this time in my life, I want to keep this reminder close. It's another way to say, "each day I choose," another way to remember I get this one life as me.

I thought you might want this reminder too, so I've put it in the shop right here.