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Soul Mantra Journal

Rainbow Fluorite: For intuition and connection to spirit

liz lamoreux

Rainbow fluorite is one of my favorite stones. To put it simply: It is gorgeous. You can find it in deep purples, brilliant blues, bright greens, and yellowish clear in color and all the shades in between. 

Fluorite is said to provide protection and clarity and connect you to your intuition. It also connects you to spirit. The mantra I like to use with fluorite is: May I listen to the wisdom within and always remember I am whole.

Whenever you purchase a rainbow fluorite Soul Mantra, a little card with the meaning and mantra is always included.

Fluorite is also said to help release stress and negativity while promoting focus and structure.

How I use it:

  • I like to carry a fluorite worry stone in my pocket and rub it between my fingers when I need to feel connected to what I know. 
  • I keep it on my altar and sometimes practice a fluorite meditation.
  • I wear it (this design is my current favorite).
  • I keep it near me in the studio while I write so that I am reminded to listen to my own truth and wisdom within.

If you're drawn to rainbow fluorite, you can find some options here in the shop. From gemstones to put on your altar (like these rainbow fluorite octahedrons, these fluorite worry stones, and these pillars) to several necklace designs, like the Intuition Necklaces in purple and green and the five deep breaths intuition necklace, this is a stone that can support you each day as you create space for listening to the wisdom within you and connecting to spirit around you.

rainbow fluorite beads

If you'd like me to create a gemstone bundle for you with fluorite and its meaning as the main intention with other stones that will support you, you can order a special custom gemstone bundle and then in the notes, just let me know that you're drawn to fluorite and anything else you think I should know.