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Soul Mantra Journal

My Soul Mantra of the Year Package

liz lamoreux

I'm so excited to share the new My Soul Mantra of the Year package with you. I've gathered up some of my favorite items and practices into this bundle (you save 15% when you buy everything together).

The “My Soul Mantra” package is your invitation to choose a Soul Mantra for yourself that will be an intention that can anchor you as you build the bridge each day between daily life and the longings inside you. You might have a word of the year or intention you're going to focus on, a quote that has deep meaning for you, or maybe a phrase that has been a beautiful focus for you.

The package is a curated box of goodies to help you keep your word, intention, or even quote close to you. It's about trusting your intuition, listening to what you need, and giving yourself permission to practice your intention as you hold the beauty and the grit each day. 

The My Soul Mantra package includes:

  • A pewter pocket talisman hand stamped with your word or phrase. 
  • A beautiful Permission Slip to remind you that you can set down perfection and just be you as you choose how you live your mantra into reality each day. I’m so happy to be collaborating with artist Lori Portka on this special print! I wrote the words and she worked her magic! There are blanks for you to finish it with your own name and practice. 
  • Trust Yourself, an incredible oil from one of my favorite makers: Anna Wingfield of Napa Valley au Naturel. This offering invites you to begin a daily ritual of writing your practice on your body with the oil to imprint it on your skin. 
  • The “Each Day I Choose” print designed by my magical assistant Bonnie Albers. This is one of my favorite mantras that I say to myself daily. My hope is that this print will be a source of support and reminder of love for you as you think about all the other souls making these choices each day too. 
  • A hand-carved soapstone heart from Kenya from an inspiring fair-trade source right here in the Pacific Northwest. I’ve been giving hearts like these to my retreat participants for years to remind us of the love and openness that connects us, and I’m so happy to be able to offer them.  

You can also add three optional upgrades to your My Soul Mantra Package:

  • Upgrade 1The My Soul Mantra Necklace, customized with your practice + two gemstones to support your intention. 
  • Upgrade 2: The Intention Gemstone Bundle, customized for you by me. You will share some words about your practice and the support you most need. I will hold your words close as I sit in meditation and then I will choose 3-6 stones that will support you. I will bless the stones and clean them with sage. I will also handwrite you a love note just for you that explains the stones and add in a couple other surprises.
  • Upgrade 3: The My Soul Mantra Necklace + the Intention Gemstone Bundle.

My hope is that this package helps you deeply connect with practices and reminders that will support you as you live your intention each day.

Big big love,


Photos by Lauren Oliver Photography