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Soul Mantra Journal

12 Gift Ideas for the Wise Women in Your Life

liz lamoreux

You still have plenty of time to get a thoughtful and love-filled gift for your mom, best friend, sister, and the other nurturing souls in your life.

I'm one who believes that the intention behind the gift is part of the gift itself, so with that in mind, here are some gift ideas for you - some from Soul Mantras, some that would be perfect last-minute gifts, and some DIY ideas.

1. secret message locket

A little locket to hold a short secret message to hold close, these can be customized with a word or two. I like to think of these lockets like a whispered wish, prayer, or blessing that only the wearer knows about. You can also put a photo or secret note inside.

2. Five Deep Breaths Peace Bracelet

This amethyst bracelet is inspired by the five deep breaths practice, which invites you to pause and time five deep breaths with intention. It comes with a little card explaining the practice. Amethyst is a stone of peace and comfort.

3. Your Time

Your time is a beautiful thing to give a loved one, perhaps the best gift of all. Ideas: Tickets to a movie or show, a weekend trip together, a gift card for a restaurant or shop that you two like to go to, or even a note that explains you want to spend more time together and share a list of ideas and let them know you’ll be bugging them to connect more.

4. Hearts

Over the years, hearts have become a customer favorite. They are such a sweet gift that reminds the recipient that they are loved. All our hearts come with a little note sharing some ideas about how to use them. We have several kinds; the ones pictured are fluorite.

5. Photos 

We take more photos that ever before, but they live on our devices. A photo book or even a simple stack of favorite photos and an easel they can be displayed on is an awesome and simple idea. I love using the Instax Share and Canon Selphy to quickly print from my phone.

6. I Choose Necklace

A necklace to remind us that each day we choose what we want to invite into our lives and what we want to put into the world. It includes: rose quartz to invite in self-compassion and love, citrine to invite in joy and abundance, and iolite to invite in the muses, help attain visions, and support in difficult times.

7. In This Moment Field Journal and Photo Album

This journal leads you through the mindful exercise of taking a photo each day and noticing the beauty in your everyday world. You write a few lines about each photo as you paste it into your journal. This is also a beautiful exercise to do together.

8. Something Handmade

People love receiving gifts you make by hand. And you don’t have to spend hours to create something thoughtful and beautiful. So many fun DIYs are available online. This wooden bead necklace is my daughter’s and my current go-to gift to make. So much fun! I have an easy tutorial over on my personal site. I’ve also saved several DIYs to my “things I’d like to make” Pinterest board.

9. You Are... Pocket Talisman Set

The pocket talismans are little reminders that the gift recipient can slip in their pocket, put on their desk or other spot where they will see them often, or even use as part of a meditation practice. You choose the three phrases you want. Some favorites: you are enough, you are brave, you are amazing, you are loved. They come with a card that explains how to use them.

10. A Book (or two)

On the surface, a book can seem like it is the default gift when you don't know what else to give. But I deeply disagree. Books become treasured companions we carry with us that can literally change our lives. When you spend time looking for just the right book and include a note explaining why you're giving it, it becomes a deeply thoughtful gift. 

11. Personalized Jewelry

This time of year, we create quite a few necklaces and keychains with kids and grandkids names. We have lots of customizable options for giving. You can choose one of our favorite phrases or customize with your own words or phrases. 

johnny cash

12. Music

Gather up tunes that make up the soundtrack of your childhood or the fun you've had together over the years and help them take a trip down memory lane with a "mixed tape." A record player with some favorite vinyl records is also a fun gift (my husband got me one for our anniversary and I’m basically recreating my parents’ record collection - including holiday albums).

What are your other go-to thoughtful gifts this time of year. Share in the comments so we can all learn from one another.

Big love,