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1993 Collection

blue :: Tibetan quartz

blue quartz_1.jpg
quartz_light blue double pt_1.jpg
blue quartz_2.jpg
blue quartz_1.jpg
quartz_light blue double pt_1.jpg
blue quartz_2.jpg
sold out

blue :: Tibetan quartz

from 24.00

Details: These two necklaces are created with light blue irredscent glass seed beads. The focal is a Tibetan quartz crystal point. They are both cloudy grey in color. Quartz invites in clarity, and these special Tibetan quartz points are said to be spiritual, protective stones that invite in grounding and centeredness. When you place your order, choose between:

  • The one on the left, which actually has two crystal points fused together (so it's the double point). It's 29 inches around and slips over the head. SOLD OUT
  • The one on the right, which is slightly darker in color (and is the single point). It's 31 inches around and slips over the head.

These quartz points are part of a collection I've been holding onto for a while. They are a bit raw and imperfect, and I've been just waiting for the right design. I finally decided that this simple design would be the perfect everyday necklace to keep this stone, that I think of like a best friend, near you. 

Story: When I was in high school, I listened to Lenny Kravitz sing "Flower Child" on repeat, longing to be that girl "dressed in purple velvet with a flower in her hair" who "speaks of liberation on the land and on the sea" living on the West Coast and standing up for what I believe in. Even when I was wearing my boarding school uniform of plaid kilt and button down white Oxford, I wore layers of beaded necklaces that I made sitting cross-legged by the lake behind my dorm. 

A few summers ago, I unearthed these beads in my studio and decided to play with them again after an almost 20-year break. And as I listen to Lenny and Fleetwood Mac and Paul Simon and string bead after bead, I'm spending a little time with my 17-year-old self and remembering her dreams and realizing that she would be very proud of me and where I am as I tell the true stories over here in my corner of the world.

The 1993 Collection is filled with the energy of summer and mixed tapes and afternoons full of hope and secret dreams and the belief that one girl just might make a difference in the world. As you wear your piece from the 1993 Collection, I hope you will reconnect and listen to those secret dreams inside you.

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